Kitchen Exhaust Access Door Installation

Bare Metal Standard Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

At Bare Metal Standard, we make sure your facility is up to current code standards. When we inspect your kitchen exhaust system, we may find deficiencies in your system that can be resolved by our team of professionals. The most common deficiencies we find are: Holes in ductwork. This means the duct is not “liquid tight” as specified by NFPA 96 reference code … Read More

Prepare a Commercial Kitchen For A Health & Fire Safety Inspection

How to prepare for your next commercial kitchen health and fire safety inspection.

If you’re a facility manager or owner of a commercial kitchen, you know how important health and safety inspections are to the continued operations of your restaurant or facility. You need to ensure that your commercial kitchen is in compliance with state and local health regulations. A failing health inspection grade halts operations and results in high repair or cleaning … Read More

Common Kitchen Exhaust System Deficiencies and Why They Matter

Kitchen Exhaust outside from building

Whether you’re building a new restaurant or installing a kitchen into an already existing commercial building, it’s important to understand the various aspects of kitchen exhaust systems that are specifically designed to keep them fire safe. The goal of a kitchen ventilation system is to safely deliver the flammable vapors emitted from cooking operations from stovetop to rooftop. This prevents … Read More