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At Bare Metal Standard®, we go above and beyond to provide the highest standard of kitchen exhaust system cleaning available anywhere. We’ve refined our process to produce a full system clean and the ability to reproduce this process nationwide. Simply put, there’s no kitchen exhaust system we can’t clean.

The BARE METAL STANDARD® Clean Difference

There’s a vast difference in how companies clean and maintain kitchen grease exhaust systems. We originally developed Bare Metal Standard® Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service to address what the industry had been demanding for years, ‘THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!’ Our standard of a “clean” system is only when every inch of the system has been cleaned. When we return your system to bare metal using our proprietary process, we ensure no flammable grease residue remains inside your system. Then – and only then – do we deem your system clean and fire-safe. Bare Metal Standard® Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service has become our brand standard that defines how we do business. It’s reflected in how we clean, the professionalism that can be expected from our technicians, and our scheduling program that takes away our customers’ worries and ensures their peace of mind. Call today for a free inspection and estimate!

Vision Statement

We adhere to those qualities that have made us great: to be honest and plainspoken in our connections; to be daring and innovative in our products; to be caretakers and educators of ourselves and our communities; to be trailblazers and pathfinders for others to follow; and to inject our passion into everything we do.

Mission Statement

Bare Metal Standard strives to create a successful and sustainable franchise network that is considered the industry leader in their respective territories. Our Franchisees success and leadership will propel Bare Metal Standard Inc. to be the thought leader of our industry.

Moda Center

“I have worked with Bare Metal Standard for approximately 15 years in multiple healthcare facilities. They have the Bare Metal Standard®, and they stand to their name. They help our processes in many more ways than just cleaning hoods as they ensure that we are completely code compliant . The team at Bare Metal Standard was able to rectify any problems we had in one visit and have stayed to that standard since that time.”
– Glen Roderick, Hospital Engineering Manager

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      The National Fire Prevention Association or NFPA is a global nonprofit organization devoted to eliminating death, injury and property loss due to fire related hazards. The NFPA safety codes were developed to ensure the prevention of fire hazards, with Standard Code 96 in particular concerning the construction and cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems. Bare Metal Standard understands and follows this code very closely, consistently exceeding its requirements.


      Bare Metal Standard is dedicated to cleaning the complete kitchen exhaust system. With over 40 years of experience in the field, we've provided revolutionary service that exceeds current safety standards. Increased demand for an improved kitchen exhaust cleaning program comes from facility managers understanding the importance of safety and maintenance for their kitchen exhaust system. We're ready to be leaders in this industry.