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A Known Risk – Fire Hazard

Cooking equipment is responsible for over 61% of fires in eating and drinking establishments. With an area that is such a known hazard, let only the best protect your facility – Bare Metal Standard.

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Bare Metal Standard – How We’re Different

With over 50 years of experience, we continue to provide a revolutionary service. It is our promise to clean 100% of each and every system because fire safety matters.

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Energy Efficiency

By maintaining regular service cleanings, you can minimize the amount of grease and allow your kitchen exhaust system to operate at peak efficiency. This allows proper airflow to be maintained to keep your kitchen safe and saving you $$.

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Fire Codes: What You Need To Know

Fire Departments regulate and mandate the construction and services of your kitchen exhaust system. The codes they enforce are from the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA. Get to know some of the most relevant codes that affect your commercial kitchen today!

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Training: We Do It RIGHT!

It takes well trained employee to service kitchen hoods. Every kitchen exhaust system is different and requires unique attention. This has driven us to invest in our employees, hiring quality technicians and providing continual training. We invest in our employees because we desire to give you (the customer) the best experience possible.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service - Bare Metal Standard Cleans 100% Of Every System Bare Metal.

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With over 50 years of experience in commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, we understand that you are unique. Our team is ready and able to service your facility and meet any requirements that you have.


We see education as our responsibility to this industry. With as many misconceptions and unknowns surrounding the kitchen exhaust cleaning services, this is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing training to Fire Marshals, Insurance Agents, facility managers, restaurant owners and more.

Utilize our resource center that we have created especially for you. Here you can find everything you need to know about minimizing fire risk and maintenance of kitchen exhaust system.

Cleaning Kitchen Hood Exhaust Systems to Minimize Fire Risk in Healthcare Facilities

The following article is from Environment of Care News, February 2023, Volume 26, Issue 2

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System(s) for Fire Code Compliance

Exhaust System Inspection and Verification   NFPA 96 Fire Code requires an exhaust system, (hoods, ducts, exhaust fans), to be cleaned on a routine basis as required. That routine frequency is based on the cooking equipment that is under each exhaust hood. For example; char-broilers and fryers need more frequent “cleanings/service” than a stack oven, star top range, and steamers. … Read More

Kitchen Exhaust Access Door Installation

At Bare Metal Standard, we make sure your facility is up to current code standards. When we inspect your kitchen exhaust system, we may find deficiencies in your system that can be resolved by our team of professionals. The most common deficiencies we find are: Holes in ductwork. This means the duct is not “liquid tight” as specified by NFPA 96 reference code … Read More

Energy Efficiency

Being energy conscious can make a tremendous impact on your bottom dollar, especially when operating a restaurant or commercial kitchen. Energy efficiency make a difference in today’s world. When we look at commercial kitchen exhaust, the # 1 energy consumption device is the exhaust fan. Pro Tip for Saving Energy = Saving $$$ – When to Turn OFF your Exhaust … Read More


We would like to take the opportunity to share with you our status providing service and what we are doing to combat the spread of COVID-19. 1. We Provide an Essential Service Both the Homeland Security and NFPA categorized our services as essential. Professional kitchen exhaust cleaning protects the infrastructure of your facility by greatly reducing the risk of fire. ... Read More

What Is the Bare Metal Standard?

Bare Metal Standard is not just a company or a unique service, it is our entire approach to satisfying our customers’ needs. We look to surpass our customers’ expectations and make the experience of cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods as miraculous as it possibly can be. At Bare Metal Standard, we’ve refined our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning process to ensure that … Read More

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