Arena & Stadium Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Arena Cleaning the kitchen exhaust system of a stadium or arena requires knowledge, experience and planning to ensure the best and most effective results. Bare Metal Standard has over 50 years’ experience cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems in various facilities including stadiums and arenas. We know there can be varying complexity when it comes to each and every building design but that makes no difference to us because we can clean any facility.

What Makes Bare Metal Standard Different?

  • We are dedicated to excellence. We promise to clean 100% of your kitchen exhaust system. No system to too difficult for us.
  • We create a maintenance plan for you to ensure you receive the most affordable rates and keep your system compliant with fire safety laws.
  • We are professional and reliable at all times. We leave your kitchen clean and presentable when our work is complete.

Arena & Stadium Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

We have the experience and passion to keep each system fire safe… no matter how complicated the duct systems may be. In order for a kitchen exhaust system to be deem “safe”, all components must be cleaned even if the system is complicated and difficult. We take the quality of work very seriously and we NEVER subcontract our work. We abide by and live up to our Bare Metal Standard.

When approaching a large venue, it is common for kitchens to be located close to audience and event levels of the area. This may create an engineering feat of chasing exhaust duct from the kitchen to the exterior of the building… which may be quite a way. Bare Metal Standard has the experience and technology to solve these complicated problems. With our robust staff and highly trained technicians, we are able to service the complete system, protecting such a large investment as an event area.

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