Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System(s) for Fire Code Compliance

Fire Protections With Kitchen Hood Inspection

Exhaust System Inspection and Verification   NFPA 96 Fire Code requires an exhaust system, (hoods, ducts, exhaust fans), to be cleaned on a routine basis as required. That routine frequency is based on the cooking equipment that is under each exhaust hood. For example; char-broilers and fryers need more frequent “cleanings/service” than a stack oven, star top range, and steamers. … Read More

Kitchen Exhaust Access Door Installation

Bare Metal Standard Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

At Bare Metal Standard, we make sure your facility is up to current code standards. When we inspect your kitchen exhaust system, we may find deficiencies in your system that can be resolved by our team of professionals. The most common deficiencies we find are: Holes in ductwork. This means the duct is not “liquid tight” as specified by NFPA 96 reference code … Read More

Energy Efficiency

Bare Metal Standard Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Being energy conscious can make a tremendous impact on your bottom dollar, especially when operating a restaurant or commercial kitchen. Energy efficiency make a difference in today’s world. When we look at commercial kitchen exhaust, the # 1 energy consumption device is the exhaust fan. Pro Tip for Saving Energy = Saving $$$ – When to Turn OFF your Exhaust … Read More


Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services
We would like to take the opportunity to share with you our status providing service and what we are doing to combat the spread of COVID-19. 1. We Provide an Essential Service Both the Homeland Security and NFPA categorized our services as essential. Professional kitchen exhaust cleaning protects the infrastructure of your facility by greatly reducing the risk of fire. ... Read More

What Is the Bare Metal Standard?

Bare Metal Standard Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Bare Metal Standard is not just a company or a unique service, it is our entire approach to satisfying our customers’ needs. We look to surpass our customers’ expectations and make the experience of cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods as miraculous as it possibly can be. At Bare Metal Standard, we’ve refined our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning process to ensure that … Read More

Who We Are & What We Do

Bare Metal Standard Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

At Bare Metal Standard, we provide fire safety through kitchen exhaust system cleaning. We go above and beyond to exceed industry cleaning standards and dedicate ourselves to being the industry experts. Our unique approach keeps your commercial kitchen compliant with fire codes and ensures your facility is fire safe. Who We Are: We specialize in risk mitigation and fire safety … Read More

Basics on Solid-Fuel Cooking Equipment Requirements

Pizza Oven Cleaning

Charbroiled food, stone fire pizza, and barbecue specials are all seasonal favorites during summertime. That, coupled with the rise in front-of-house cooking, makes solid fuel cooking appliances increasingly popular among restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Pizzerias and BBQ restaurants are the most common establishments to have a solid fuel cooking operation. This type of cooking produces a tremendous amount of … Read More

The Necessity of Fire Suppression Systems for Your Commercial Kitchen

sprinkler system

Fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens prevent the spread of an already burning fire. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and wetting agents to suppress cooking equipment fires. Wetting agents are a form of concentrate added to water contained in the system. They improve the fire suppression performance of water by reducing its surface tension. This increases the … Read More

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation FAQs

Kitchen hood ventilation systems

Whether it’s a local restaurant or a hospital cafeteria, there are some basic frequently asked questions regarding commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Knowing the differences and the nuances between systems can help you determine the best cleaning method and frequency, as well as job priorities. Common factors to consider include ductwork complexity, type of cooking operation and the various fire suppression … Read More

The 5 Most Common Problems Found in Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Bare Metal Standard

Not all kitchen exhaust systems are designed according to best practices. Unfortunately, many are built without proper access doors, too close to heat sources or flammable materials, or have multiple connections from multiple heat sources. Each of these setups will cause problems in the event of a fire. To protect your building, your staff, and your customers, it’s important to … Read More

Prepare a Commercial Kitchen For A Health & Fire Safety Inspection

How to prepare for your next commercial kitchen health and fire safety inspection.

If you’re a facility manager or owner of a commercial kitchen, you know how important health and safety inspections are to the continued operations of your restaurant or facility. You need to ensure that your commercial kitchen is in compliance with state and local health regulations. A failing health inspection grade halts operations and results in high repair or cleaning … Read More

The History of Fire Code NFPA 96

NFPA 96 history

NFPA 96, the national fire code regulating commercial kitchen exhaust systems, has changed drastically throughout the years from its inception in 1961 to today. When this fire code was first written by the National Fire Protection Association in 1961, it was just a simple requirement on how one should go about cleaning a kitchen exhaust system. At the time, the … Read More

Grease Vapors and Accumulation: How Dangerous are They Really?

Kitchen hood cleaning services from grease buildup

There is more than one way for a kitchen fire to erupt. When you heat cooking oil in a pan on the stove, it has to reach a specific high temperature before it can possibly ignite and catch fire. This is because the cooking oil itself does not burn, it is the vapor it emits that has reached its boiling … Read More

Common Kitchen Exhaust System Deficiencies and Why They Matter

Kitchen Exhaust outside from building

Whether you’re building a new restaurant or installing a kitchen into an already existing commercial building, it’s important to understand the various aspects of kitchen exhaust systems that are specifically designed to keep them fire safe. The goal of a kitchen ventilation system is to safely deliver the flammable vapors emitted from cooking operations from stovetop to rooftop. This prevents … Read More

5 Critical Facts and Stats on Restaurant Fires

Fire safety statistics

At Bare Metal Standard, we care about safety. We provide our services for fire safety, however, it is very important to bring attention how these fire may start. We’ve gathered the following five critical facts and statistics from the National Fire Protection Association to inform you of the current fire safety landscape in America today. Our number one priority is … Read More

Kitchen Exhaust Systems: Simple to Complex Ductwork Designs

Red bricks house showing kitchen hoods outside

Kitchen exhaust systems< can be as different as the kitchens they serve. Whether it’s a straight and vertical shot from stovetop to rooftop or there are multiple twists and turns involved in the ductwork, kitchen exhaust cleaners must be able to work with any system. As multipurpose facilities and mixed-use developments become increasingly popular, kitchen exhaust systems must adapt to ... Read More

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning is a Risk Mitigation Strategy for Business Owners

Risk Mitigation and Fire Prevention

Regular maintenance for your commercial kitchen exhaust system will keep it working efficiently, maintain healthy indoor air quality, and increase the productivity and longevity of your cooking equipment. The benefits of a scheduled maintenance regimen far outweigh the costs for regularly maintaining your equipment. With proper maintenance, you can expect better performance, fewer breakdowns, and avoid a fire that could … Read More

Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Checklist

At Bare Metal Standard, safety remains our number one priority. We started this business to keep restaurants and other commercial kitchens safe from grease fires through vigilant maintenance cleaning programs. We believe in protecting local commercial kitchens by offering complete vent, hood and exhaust cleaning services as well as FREE inspections to assess your current level of risk for a … Read More

Benefits of a Clean Kitchen Exhaust System

Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

If you are a commercial kitchen owner or manager there are several advantages to keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean outside of passing regular fire code inspections.  Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen shows your employees and your customers that you care about the food service you provide as well as their safety and health. We know you care about your … Read More