There are NO Inaccessible Areas at Bare Metal Standard

Complex air duct system.

Kitchen exhaust ventilation systems continue to increase in complexity with the rising popularity of mixed-use developments, underground speakeasy type establishments, and other alternative eateries. With this increasing complexity comes the challenge of cleaning all corners of your ductwork, no matter how many times it twists and turns. A series of 90-degree angles in the ductwork and limited access doors make cleaning a kitchen exhaust system a job for a professional. This is where Bare Metal Standard comes in.

What are Inaccessible Areas?

Complicated architectural designs and buildings with many floors force the ductwork to have long stretches of vertical and horizontal ducts that are difficult or maybe even impossible to clean when only servicing the system from access door to access door. Due to this challenge, there may be portions of your kitchen exhaust system that have not been cleaned and still pose a fire hazard to your facility. NFPA 96, the code that regulates the clean of kitchen exhaust systems, allows for certain areas to be deemed “inaccessible” by a professional:

11.6.14 – After cleaning or inspection is completed, the exhaust cleaning company and the person performing the work at the location shall provide the owner of the system with a written report that also specifies areas that were inaccessible or not cleaned.

Dirty kitchen duct

The kitchen exhaust cleaning company would then hang “tags” in areas they have defined as “inaccessible” and still be able to claim completion of the job. These inaccessible areas can over time gather dangerous amounts of grease as shown in the photo to the right. It is important to be aware of this as many vendors only service areas of your system that can be physically scraped or reached with a pressure washer. This only cleans parts of the ductwork that can be easily seen or accessed, leaving harder to reach areas not serviced/degreased.

Our Proprietary Process Promises No Inaccessible Areas

Here at Bare Metal Standard, we can clean even the most complex duct ventilation systems without hanging a single inaccessible tag. We service/clean 100% of any system, even if we have limited access to the ductwork. Bare Metal Standard® has developed a unique and proprietary process that can reach all corners and 90-degree angles of your kitchen exhaust system. No one else in the industry can compete with our process and procedures because we invented them. Our long and lasting industry experience of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems has given us a leg up, which is why we guarantee the safest and highest standard of clean available in the market today: the BARE METAL STANDARD®.

If This Code Exists, Why Should I Worry About Inaccessible Areas?

We know you care about your business and your community, so neglecting a situation where certain areas of your system are not degreased creates a hazardous fire safety problem. Grease fires can be incredibly destructive, costing you large amounts of money in equipment replacement, facility reconstruction or even healthcare costs of injured persons. Between 2011 and 2013, the U.S. Fire Administration reported that restaurant fires resulted in $116 million in property damage, averaging about $23,000 in loss per fire. 63.5% of these fires were a direct result of cooking, originating at cooking equipment. Ensuring a professional and thorough clean of your kitchen’s ventilation system keeps your staff, customers, and facility safe from an uncontrolled grease fire.

Don’t settle for less than a complete system clean and keep your commercial kitchen safe and up to code. Regularly scheduled kitchen exhaust cleaning can spell the difference between safety and disaster. Bare Metal Standard can help.