What Is the Bare Metal Standard?

Bare Metal Standard Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Bare Metal Standard is not just a company or a unique service, it is our entire approach to satisfying our customers’ needs. We look to surpass our customers’ expectations and make the experience of cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods as miraculous as it possibly can be.

At Bare Metal Standard, we’ve refined our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning process to ensure that there’s no kitchen exhaust system we can’t clean. Our proprietary technology allows us to ensure that we remove all existing flammable grease residue, no matter where it lies. We also make sure to invest in our crew by providing continual training and reinforcing our service process to make sure your facility is in the best hands. Simple things like arriving on time, professional uniforms, and leaving the overall appearance of your kitchen in a better state than when we began our service are standard procedures for our crews.

Life Cycle of a Kitchen Exhaust System

Before Service:
Over time, your commercial kitchen exhaust system collects grease. The grease buildup acts as fuel in the event of a kitchen fire. During many of our recovery cleaning projects, we find large deposits of grease that grows the further up you look in the exhaust system.

During Bare Metal Standard Service:

It’s our job to remove all of the grease buildup for fire safety. We service the entire kitchen exhaust system utilizing our proprietary service process. Our technicians remove all of the grease from the kitchen hood, all connecting ductwork and the exhaust fan, which can sometimes be quite a distance from the kitchen. We take the time to learn your commercial kitchen in order to provide you with revolutionary service that exceeds current safety standards. We stage the kitchen with plastic sheeting to contain all of the wash water and to protect all of your cooking surfaces during the service process.

After Service:

Your commercial kitchen exhaust system will look radically different once the job is done. Our amazing technicians clean 100% of the system meaning your facility is fire safe, compliant and grease-free.

Fire Safety:

This is why our job is so important and why it’s vital to clean 100% of the kitchen exhaust system. Even though the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) allows for certain areas to be deemed inaccessible, this practice is unacceptable to Bare Metal Standard. Any excess grease, even if it’s in a hard to reach area, puts your business at risk.

Bare Metal Standard has locations across the US to give your commercial kitchen exhaust system the clean it needs. Don’t settle for less than a complete system clean and keep your commercial kitchen safe and up to code. Regularly scheduled kitchen exhaust cleaning could just be the difference between safety and disaster. Bare Metal Standard can help. Call us at (888) 471-1117 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

Photo by: istock.com/ zhudifeng