Cafeteria Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

person selecting food in cafeterias Businesses and facilities that offer a cafeteria onsite for employees need a professional kitchen exhaust cleaner to provide top notch service without interruption to the day. Bare Metal Standard has over 50 years of experience maintaining kitchen exhaust systems of all sizes. We created and hold ourselves to the Bare Metal Standard. It’s our guarantee that 100% of your system will be cleaned, every time. Our standard exceeds the industry standards set by the National Fire protection Association.

With our extensive experience cleaning cafeterias for a variety of facilities, we understand the nuances of working with your industry.

  • Hood systems may be consolidated in a single building
    • May require larger crew to complete in a necessary time window
      • Completing a job in fewer shifts to save you time and effort scheduling our work.
      • Bare Metal Standard can consolidate the service into as few shifts as possible with our growing service crew.
    • Increased concern for cleanliness level

Our Employee Cafeteria Industry Services:

  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Hood & vent cleaning
  • Kitchen exhaust fan cleaning
  • Complete ductwork inspection & cleaning
  • Clean difficult-to-reach spots
  • Photos of our completed job

Managing a cafeteria is demanding and any vendor you hire to clean your kitchen exhaust should understand. Our work will only be scheduled during the timeframe you specify. Furthermore, we’ll follow all security protocols. We are prepared to ensure we have security clearance/ access and we may need to provide background checks on our crew. Our service professionals are trained using our best-in-class proprietary process. We’ll handle the entire process from scheduling to cleaning up after ourselves.

Call the Bare Metal Standard location near you to schedule a free inspection and quote.

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