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Gilbert Arizona Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service

Commercial Kitchen hood cleaning services are important to uphold restaurant NFPA 96 compliance and maintain a sanitary cooking environment. Many Arizona restaurants neglect cleaning their hoods, ducts, and filters with professional maintenance and regularly scheduled cleanings.

Gilbert, AZ hood cleaning services are essential for a commercial restaurant or foodservice business for compliance with state and local health codes.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Gilbert, AZ

Bare Metal Standard guarantees to clean the entire commercial-grade kitchen exhaust system to 95% bare metal. If a ventilation system is not kept clean, grease that builds up and gathers in the hood, vents, fans, ducts, and filters become a dangerous fuel source for commercial kitchen fires. Contaminants collected in the grease accumulated inside the ducts and hood filters will reduce airflow, decrease equipment efficiency and cause problems with indoor air quality.

Best Hood Cleaning Experts in Gilbert, AZ

  • Hood cleaning for NFPA 96 Arizona standards.
  • Exhaust hood cleaning services for increased energy efficiency.
  • Increase indoor air quality for workers and guests.
  • Easily schedule regular kitchen hood cleaning services in Gilbert.
  • Hood cleaning services are performed by highly trained expert technicians.
  • 100% of each and every exhaust system cleaned to bare metal.
  • Risk mitigation and fire safety for Arizona commercial kitchen exhaust systems

At Bare Metal Standard of Gilbert, Arizona, we care about the safety of the restaurants and commercial kitchens in the Phoenix community. Partner with us to keep your kitchen exhaust system clean and up to code on a regular basis and you’ll never fail another inspection. That’s a guarantee.

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Why is Cleaning a Kitchen Exhaust Hood Important?

A professional hood cleaning service benefits a restaurant by maintaining National Fire Protection Association compliance. Risk mitigation and fire protection are of high importance for food service workers and dining guest protection.

Arizona NFPA 96 Hood Cleaning Services

Kitchen Fire Prevention

Grease fires are one of the most common causes of fires in commercial kitchens. Grease back-up in fans and in exhaust systems creates fuel for flames and fires that can cause extensive kitchen damage.

Exhaust Cleaning Services Improve Air Quality

Exhaust systems should be cleaned regularly (every 1 – 3 months). Grease and grime buildup blocks airflow and can cause poor indoor air quality.

Prevents Deposits on Cooking Equipment

If you don’t clean your exhaust sytem out regularly, the grease and grime accumulate on your hoods, fans, and other ductwork. Eventually, this will cause equipment to be less efficient and create an unsanitary working and food preparation atmosphere.

Hood Cleaning is Cost-Effective

Having kitchen exhaust vent hoods cleaned regularly can extend the life of fans and ventilation systems by as much as 50%.

Reduces Health Code Violations

Properly maintained exhaust systems and kitchen exhaust surfaces prevent grease buildup often cited when restaurants are inspected for health code violations.

Increases Efficiency, Lowering Energy Use

Grease and grime build up in ducts and fans decreasing the efficiency of the kitchen exhaust system, decreasing efficiency, and increasing energy costs.

Sanitary Kitchen Environment

The build-up of grease and oil residue can reduce exhaust fan efficiency preventing smoke and heat from exiting kitchen facilities and creating a fire hazard.

Cleaning Service Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Why Bare Metal Standard Hood Cleaning Company in Gilbert, Arizona

The following are essential factors to consider when selecting a hood cleaning company in Gilbert, AZ.

  1. Hood Cleaning Experience

Cleaning kitchen hoods is what Bare Metal Standard has been focused on since 1964. As a company that guarantees its kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services and trains cleaning technicians with a thorough proprietary coaching process, Bare Metal Standard ensures NFPA 96 compliance.

  1. Company Standards

The Bare Metal Standard commercial hood cleaning company cleans kitchen hoods to bare metal. Our standards go above other kitchen hood cleaning companies and extend beyond the National Fire Protection Association kitchen exhaust hood codes.

  1. Vent Hood Cleaning Training

At Bare Metal Standard we invest in technician training for properly performing services at the highest level for kitchen safety. Technicians get regular training updates from the company to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest hood cleaning industry advancements. This includes equipment updates, fire safety precautions, and NFPA codes.

  1. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Guarantee

A common misconception about finding a cleaning company that provides kitchen exhaust cleaning services such as commercial hood cleaning is that they don’t usually come with any guarantees. Bare Metal Standard guarantees the commercial kitchen exhaust systems will be cleaned to bare metal and that kitchen hoods will pass National Fire Protection Association codes.

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Experience Matters

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems can vary greatly between kitchens, but we’ve seen it all and we can clean it all. Our process is meticulous, and we always leave your facility meticulously clean.