Training: We Do It Right!

Training employees is a must to have competent staff in any industry. At Bare Metal Standard, we understand the importance of our services. We must provide a level of service that follows and exceeds fire safety regulations to keep your kitchen exhaust system compliant with fire safety laws and most importantly – safe.

People talking in a commercial kitchen with commercial hoods

Each kitchen exhaust system has its unique complexities that our crews encounter when completing our cleaning services. Some systems have large complicated hoods and ducts, others can be rather simple, but no matter the size or shape our technicians are trained to complete this service as efficiently as possible while maintaining our standard of a 100% clean system.

kitchen exhaust system flow diagram

It is our job to provide fire safety by removing the grease from the complete kitchen exhaust system and our technicians are the best in the industry at doing it.

Each new employee at Bare Metal Standard is required to take Orientation Training and pass tests on our approved service procedure and basic customer service. This is a two-week process of training.

Orientation Training Includes

  • Ride-along’s with approved technicians.
  • Online and in-person practical training.
  • Supervised completion of services.

After a technician passes training, they will advance through our training levels and continually be evaluated with their service quality, efficiency, and complete competency on the Bare metal Standard service. This is our QA Program (quality assurance), which is implemented to guarantee the fire safety, energy efficiency, and complete code compliance of your kitchen exhaust system.

We take our service seriously, and you should too.

We are passionate about giving our customers the best possible experience and we know that investing in our employees is the best way to ensure that our customers will be properly taken care of.