Industrial Plant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Truck cleaning Industrial plant Industrial plants can be especially complicated when it comes to cleaning a kitchen exhaust system. Rest assured, we have decades experience cleaning machinery, ductwork, and exhaust fans. Our trained and experienced crew will be efficient and effective so your manufacturing or processing facility can get back to work. We especially understand facilities come in all sizes and even the most demanding facility is one we can take on with no issue. For more than 50 years, Bare Metal Standard leads the way creating our own industry standard to ensure your 100% of your kitchen exhaust system is cleaned to meet all safety standards.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We NEVER subcontract our work.
  • Bare Metal Standard cleans 100% of your kitchen exhaust system. There are no areas that are inaccessible.
  • We provide a maintenance plan that keeps your facility compliant with fire safety laws and is more affordable.
  • We are professional and reliable. Partner with a company whose professionals in every aspect of their interaction with you. We also leave your facility clean and presentable after the job is done.

Industrial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning:

  • If it moves air, it has the potential for build-up of some kind: grease, soot, dust & dirt, moisture/mold/bacteria, etc. Any duct system that moves air will need to be cleaned at some point, and Bare Metal Standard is the only provider that has the capability of cleaning the complete system with limited access. This saves you time, money, and greatly increases the efficiency of your exhaust or intake air systems.
  • We are able to meet the most stringent insurance and workers comp certificates.

We offer free inspections and estimates. Give us a call and we’ll find the nearest Bare Metal Standard who services your area.

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