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Fort Worth Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Reducing Fire Risk

Exhaust hood cleaning services for commercial kitchens by Bare Metal Standard of Fort Worth, TX, deliver professional kitchen cleaning every time. Trained technicians clean 100% of the exhaust system, leaving the kitchen NFPA 96 fire code compliant and grease free. With over 50 years of kitchen exhaust hood experience, Bare Metal Standard uses a proprietary cleaning process that reduces fire risk, increases air quality for employee safety, and allows kitchen equipment to function more efficiently to save on energy costs.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth restaurants, food service facilities, hospitals, universities, and cafeterias can reduce kitchen fire risk, increase employee safety, and remain compliant with fire codes by scheduling routine kitchen exhaust vent cleanings. Fire safety is the #1 concern at Bare Metal Standard; let only the best protect your commercial kitchen and cooking staff.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services
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Bare Metal Standard For Professional Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

The Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Here are four reasons you should routinely clean your kitchen exhaust hood.

Fire Prevention

Exhaust System Professional Cleaning ServicesAccording to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 61% of commercial kitchen fires originate from cooking and exhaust equipment. One of the best ways to reduce this risk is through professional hood cleaning services.  Routine cleaning removes built-up grease in exhaust vents, hoods, and fans.

Air Circulation/Quality

A clean ventilation system ensures that the air in the kitchen stays fresh and breathable by expelling smoke exhaust and pollutants. In a busy kitchen, grease can build up, clogging ventilation systems. Ducts, fans, and vents not cleaned thoroughly can lead to poor air circulation, unsanitary working conditions, and reduced equipment efficiency.

Additionally, too many harmful particles in the air pose a health risk to staff and guests. A clean kitchen hood results in optimal air circulation, better employee health, and lower energy bills.

Reducing Kitchen Odors

While not hazardous, bacteria and other particles from kitchen hoods and ventilation systems can cause foul odors. A commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning removes the source of these odors leading to cleaner, fresher air.

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Longer Equipment Lifespan

A kitchen exhaust fan continually works to remove smoke and contaminants from the air. The busier the kitchen, the harder the fans work to expel the exhaust. Scheduling a regular cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure a fan motor continues to function properly.

Risks of Not cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust Cleaning For Texas KitchensKitchen fires account for millions of dollars in damage each year in the United States, and 61% of these fires can be prevented. Business owners face several risks when they don’t have their kitchen hoods regularly cleaned. Here are the top three:

Increased Fire Potential

An exhaust vent hood system that is not properly cleaned and maintained increases the potential for fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, restaurant kitchen fires have caused an estimated $246 million in direct property damage annually in the United States since 2009.

Make sure to hire a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company at least once every 3 to 6 months to prevent fires.

Failing NFPA 96 Compliance

The National Fire Protection Association has set ventilation and fire protection standards for restaurants and cooking operations known as NFPA 96. This regulation standard is preventative and operation-related, requiring regular ventilation tests, cleaning, and maintenance in commercial kitchens.

Insurance agencies typically require commercial kitchen facilities to comply with fire safety codes (NFPA 96). Failure to adhere to this safety code can result in monthly premium increases or policy cancellation by the insurer.

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Poor Air Quality for Employees and Patrons

A clean ventilation system ensures that the air stays fresh and breathable in restaurants for employees and patrons. There is evidence that indoor air pollutants in an unclean ventilation system can circulate from a kitchen workspace to other portions of a building.

Frequently cleaned and maintained ventilation systems remove smoke and toxins from the air, preventing pollution from spreading to other areas of the building.

Damage to Restaurant Exhaust System

Cleaning For Industrial Kitchen EquipmentFort Worth food service kitchens should not overlook regular maintenance and repairs of their existing exhaust system. An inadequately working hood can directly impact your establishment’s comfort, functionality, and safety of employees and customers. Address any exhaust hood issues as soon as possible to prevent damage to fans and motors.

Benefits of Scheduling Routine Cleanings

An efficient exhaust hood system is critical to a properly functioning kitchen. Regular cleanings reduce the need for maintenance and help save money on energy bills.

Here is a summary of the benefits of regularly scheduled exhaust hood cleanings:

  • removes built-up grease and decreases fire risk
  • increases air quality and maximizes ventilation
  • reduces the risk of undesirable odors
  • extends the life of your fan motor

On average, there are 7,000 restaurant fires annually in the United States. Bare Metal Standard provides kitchen hood cleanings to reduce the risks of fires, increase employee safety, and keep kitchen equipment functioning efficiently.

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