Dallas Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Dallas Exhaust Hood Cleaning and Fire Prevention In Commercial Kitchens

Cleaning commercial kitchen hoods reduce the risk of fires.Bare Metal Standard offers reliable Dallas hood cleaning services to keep your kitchen safe by reducing fire risk, increasing air quality, and maintaining exhaust systems to increase operational efficiency. Professional and trained technicians clean exhaust hoods down to the bare metal.

Bare Metal Standard is the right choice for your Dallas hood cleaning services for restaurants, hotels, universities, hospitals, or any commercial kitchen or food service company. With highly trained cleaning technicians, we go above and beyond to provide the highest standard of cleaning for your kitchen hood.

Cleaning A Kitchen Exhaust Hood For NFPA 96 Compliance

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The importance of regular cleaning and maintenance on a commercial kitchen hood is essential. There are an estimated 17,500 fires started in commercial and industrial kitchens yearly. If grease builds up over time, it can become a serious fire hazard, not to mention it’s a health violation. By law, many jurisdictions require commercial kitchen hoods receive regular cleaning to ensure safe and proper function.

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Bare Metal Standard For Professional Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

Scheduled Hood Cleaning For Proper Maintenance and Kitchen Safety

Vent Hoood CleaningThe best way to ensure regular and proper cleaning is to schedule routine cleanings. At Bare Metal Standard, we schedule regular cleaning intervals based on your kitchen use and create reoccurring cleaning appointments so that kitchen can remain NFPA 96 compliant and reduce fire risk. Hood cleaning should be performed at least every three months and cleaned more frequently if the kitchen is in heavy use.

Here are some time frames to keep in mind:

  • Heavy use of kitchen hoods: 12-16 hours per day (cleaned every three months)
  • Medium use: 6-12 hours per day (cleaned every six months)
  • Light use: 2-6 hours per day (cleaned every 12 months)

Grease and oil can build up quickly, so it’s important to have a regular cleaning schedule. Don’t wait until it’s too late to schedule an appointment. Kitchen equipment efficiency and employee safety increases with regularly scheduled cleanings.

Scheduled Exhaust Syten Ceanings Reduce Kitchen Fire Risk

Fire Prevention

Because hoods are designed to remove smoke, fumes, and heat from kitchens, a properly cleaned and maintained exhaust system is the best defense against a kitchen fire. It’s a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

On average, there are 8,900 restaurant fires yearly; don’t risk becoming a statistic.

NFPA 96 Fire Compliance

According to the National Fire Protection Association website, the NFPA 96 fire code establishes fire safety prevention and requirements to reduce the possibility of fires in commercial kitchens.

This compliance is the standard operating procedure for commercial kitchens, as it prevents fire and ventilation issues. Hood cleaning is just a part of this standard, along with control measures for ductwork, cooking equipment, fire-extinguishers, and more.

Reduce Kitchen Fire Risk

Air Quality and Ventilation Control

Since one of the leading causes of fires in commercial kitchens is grease build-up on hoods, vents, and ductwork, the National Fire Protection Association takes hood cleaning seriously. And it’s not just about fire prevention; it’s also about air quality and ventilation control measures, which are legitimate concerns for both customers and employees.

Employee Safety

Cleaning Exhaust Vents Increases Employee safetyBesides reducing fire risk in a kitchen, there are many other reasons to ensure your hood vents receive regular cleaning. These cleanings help your system by continually pumping clean air, which affects your employees and their safety. Beyond fire prevention, regular cleaning of your hood vent and exhaust system prevents many significant kitchen environment issues.

Here are a few important benefits of proper hood cleaning:

  • Airflow efficiency
  • Wear and tear on the entire air extraction system (fans, ducts, filters)
  • Business insurance (can be rescinded for violations)
  • Reduces foul odors
  • Reduces bacterial growth

Considering bacterial growth can cause allergy and respiratory problems, this issue is important for all of a restaurant’s employees and is of the utmost priority to maintain.

How To Tell If A Hood Needs Cleaning

Besides keeping a regular hood cleaning schedule, there are ways to tell when your hood needs cleaning earlier than expected.

Here are some important signs to look for:

  • Visible dirt or grease on the inside of the exhaust system
  • Unusual or loud noise from the motor
  • Visible stains on the duct (or canopy)
  • Hood struggles to clear smoke even when set on high

If you notice one (or more than one) of these signs, your hood needs cleaning immediately.

Signs That It Is Time To Clean Your Kitche Exhaust Hoods

Dallas Businesses That Need Hood Cleaning

Hoods need regular cleaning, no matter their location. Hood cleaning regulations apply anywhere food is cooked and reheated, meaning establishments other than restaurants must schedule hood cleaning services to ensure safety from grease and fire starting build-up.

In Dallas, Texas, some specific businesses should ensure regular cleanings to prevent issues. Here are some of the most common businesses needing Dallas hood cleaning services.

Hospital Kitchens

Hospitals have heavily-used kitchens, and their environment comes with added urgency to keep the air clean and toxin-free. In fact, hospital hood vents may require more frequent cleaning than the standard, depending on the frequency of use and the volume served.

Industries serviced for hood cleaningSchools and Universities Cafeterias

Schools and universities typically have large commercial kitchens to cook meals for students and faculty. The hood vents in these settings must be cleaned regularly for fire prevention and to keep the air quality high for students, faculty, and employees.

Hotel Food Services

Hotel kitchens are in a unique position with not knowing their clientele, which adds an extra layer of importance when it comes to keeping the air quality high and risk-free. Regular hood cleaning is essential to this goal.

Grocery Stores Food Production

Grocery stores typically have some level of commercial kitchen use. Some cook their pre-made foods to pack and sell, some offer fresh lunch offerings, or even cook meals for their deli counter. No matter the situation, these hoods need regular cleaning just as in other settings.

Stadiums and Arenas Food Services

Due to their large size, you’ll want a seasoned professional to do your hood cleaning for any stadiums or arenas. These kitchens are typically quite large, and they use a lot of grease and oil in their cooking. The hood vents in these settings can quickly become hazards without regular cleaning and maintenance.

Food Production Plants

Fire Prevention For Commercial KitchensFood production plants create a lot of moisture with a hefty level of cooking. Considering that the purpose of a food production plant is to produce a large number of food products as quickly as possible, these kitchen environments receive heavy usage and it’s a good idea to make sure hood vents receive regular cleaning to avoid potential hazards.

Restaurant Kitchens

Restaurants are all required to have hood vents, and these hoods are required to receive frequent cleanings for the safety of customers and employees. The time frame required or suggested will vary depending on the volume served and the kitchen’s size.

If you own or manage a commercial kitchen anywhere in the Dallas, Texas, area, you need a reliable, professional Dallas kitchen hood cleaning service. Contact Bare Metal Standard Today – (936)-546-6430

Be sure to clean your hood before it’s too late, and pre-schedule future maintenance to continue operating efficiently and hazard-free.

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