Common Kitchen Hood Cleaning Questions

Not all of your customers or clients will understand the importance and value of the kitchen exhaust cleaning service you provide. Sometimes it is your job as the vendor to educate and inform them on matters of fire safety and compliance. Here are some common objections we see in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry and how you can answer them.


1. How often am I supposed to have my system cleaned?

We refer to NFPA 96 guidelines as to how often we clean your system. Cleaning frequencies are all based on the amount of grease buildup that will occur within your kitchen exhaust system. A few guidelines are if you have a 24-hour cooking operation you should have your system cleaned quarterly if it’s a moderately used system it should be cleaned every 6 months, and it it’s a low volume system it should be cleaned annually. Solid fuel cooking operations (using charcoal or wood as fuel, for example) should be cleaned monthly!


2. My restaurant is open many hours of the day and I don’t have time to shut down for cleaning. How can you help me without forcing me to lose revenue?

We can work around your schedule. Bare Metal Standard offers custom scheduling services so that you’re getting the kitchen exhaust cleaning service you need when you need it. We understand that our service has to address a variety of businesses with diverse needs. We’re prepared to work with you on what works best for your business.


3. How do I know that you follow local and federal fire code standards? Can you guarantee that I’ll pass my next inspection?

We absolutely guarantee you’ll pass your next fire safety inspection after utilizing our services. All of our technicians are trained to adhere to strict standards as set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). In fact, we’re versed in the history of NFPA 96, the specific fire code related to cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. Fire safety is and has always been our number one priority as a company. Bare Metal Standard cares about the community and hopes to protect commercial kitchens nationwide from grease fires. You can rest assured that all of our services have your safety in mind!

Remember, you are providing a service that many people need but don’t always value. It’s important to reiterate and emphasize the fire safety aspect of the services you provide. This way, your clients and customers can understand that you truly have the safety of them and their community at heart. That’s the BARE METAL STANDARD.